Shelby Township Library

The new Shelby Township Library – the first stand-alone library for the Township – is the result of an outstanding team effort between the architectural and engineering firms, consultants, contractors and coordination with Township partners. This beautiful and functional 28,000 sq. ft. facility includes a number of state-of-the-art technological advancements that help to enhance the user’s experience, while also working to lower heating and cooling costs, and mitigate impacts on our environment.

2023 ACEC Honorable Conceptor Award Winner

2023 ACEC National Recognition Award

2023 CAM Magazine 12 Outstanding Construction Projects of the Year Award

Examples of these innovative features include 200 panes of electrochromic SageGlass windows that tint automatically as the sunlight intensifies throughout the day, as well as a 30-foot interactive artificial tree and “Magic Book” with LED display in the children’s area.

Features that are necessary to serve today’s community can be found throughout the building, such as:

  • Computer lab
  • Teen area
  • Large meeting spaces & study spaces
  • Café with Pewabic mural
  • Fireplace and reading areas that were designed in conjunction with the library and donors

Its inventive use of materials in conjunction with the hands-on advanced technology is a great educational tool for all future engineers, and a great source of community pride for Shelby Township.