Aerial Street Repaved

Bid list

Project No.Project NameOwnerDate AvailableBid Tab
0190-05072023 Citywide Pavement Marking ProgramCity of Fraser9/22/2023
1679-0001Cemetery Street Improvement ProgramVillage of Romeo Cemetery Board9/21/2023
0175-0134Woodward Heights Traffic Calming, Ridge Road and Indiana Avenue Pavement Marking City of Pleasant Ridge9/13/2023
0150-0560Champine Park Seawall RepairsCity of St. Clair Shores9/08/2023
0208-0114As Needed Jetting and VactoringSoutheast Macomb Sanitary District (SEMSD)9/06/2023
0810-0400FY 2022 CDBG Sidewalk RampsCity of Clawson9/06/2023
0242-0354Emery Street Water Main Replacement and Farley and Garvin Streets Water Main ReplacementClinton Township8/30/2023Bid Tab
1670-0003Lake Angelus Police DepartmentLake Angelus8/29/2023
0242-0358Joy Park Parking Lot ImprovementsClinton Township8/23/2023BidTab
0100-0543Water Service Material InvestigationCity of Roseville8/23/2023BidTab
0190-05042023 Concrete Road Repair ProgramCity of Fraser8/21/2023Bid Tab
0249-03132023 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and CCTV InvestigationMacomb Township8/21/2023
0249-0312Recreation Center and Town Hall Sidewalk RepairsMacomb Township8/02/2023Bid Tab
0150-0575Alley Reconstruction - Sunnydale Street to Ardmore Park DriveCity of St. Clair Shores7/25/2023
0220-0208-12023 Sewer Rehabilitation by Full Length CIPP LiningCity of Mount Clemens6/27/2023
Bid Tab
0150-0587DPW Parking Lot ReconstructionCity of St. Clair Shores6/07/2023Bid Tab
0140-0111Marmon Avenue Pavement Reconstruction and 8" Water Main ReplacementCity of Warren5/22/2023Bid Tab
0132-1515Activities Center Parking Lot AdditionCharter Township of Shelby5/12/2023Bid Tab
0145-0695Mott Avenue Pavement Reconstruction - Kelly Road to Beaconsfield AvenueCity of Eastpointe5/11/2023Bid Tab
0140-0128City Hall Parking Garage RepairsCity of Warren5/10/2023Bid Tab
0270-0189Curb and Gutter Patching ProgramCity of Rochester5/10/2023Bid Tab
0220-02282023-2027 Residential Refuse Collection and Disposal ServiceCity of Mount Clemens5/04/2023BidTab
0220-0211Woodside Circle Sewer Separation and Road ReconstructionCity of Mount Clemens5/04/2023Bid Tab
0150-05942023-2025 Pavement Joint and Crack Sealing ProgramCity of St. Clair Shores5/03/2023BidTab
0140-0115Lawson Avenue Water Main ReplacementCity of Warren5/03/2023Bid Tab
0170-05102023 Pavement Joint and Crack Sealing ProgramCity of Center Line5/02/2023BidTab
0132-1514FY 2023 CDBG Sidewalk Ramp Improvements Van Dyke Avenue - Hayes RoadCharter Township of Shelby4/28/2023Bid Tab
0132-151324 Mile Sidewalk (Arthur Avenue - Mound Road) CDBG ProjectCharter Township of Shelby4/28/2023Bid Tab
0100-0530Northview Street Pavement Reconstruction - CDBGCity of Roseville4/25/2023Bid Tab
0145-07092023 Asphalt Resurfacing ProgramCity of Eastpointe4/20/2023Bid Tab
0249-0259FY2022 CDBG Sidewalk Ramp ImprovementsMacomb Township4/20/2022Bid Tab
0150-0560-1Shorewood Drive Bridge ImprovementsCity of St. Clair Shores03/14/2023Bid Tab
0244-0071Mill Street Building DemolitionCity of Ecorse3/31/2023Bid Tab
0155-02322023 Storm Sewer ImprovementCity of Grosse Pointe3/28/2023BidTab
0145-06922023 Solar Streetlight ProgramCity of Eastpointe3/28/2023
0270-01832023 Sanitary and Storm Sewer Rehabilitation by Full Length CIPP LiningCity of Rochester3/22/2023BidTab
0249-02962023 Manhole Rehabilitation ProgramMacomb Township3/22/2023
0249-02952023 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation by Full Length CIPP LiningMacomb Township3/22/2023
0208-0107SEMSD GeneratorsSoutheast Macomb Sanitary District3/22/2023Bid Tab
0220-0209Small Batch Concrete Repairs ProgramCity of Mount Clemens3/21/2023Bid Tab
0132-15212023 Sidewalk Maintenance ProgramCharter Township of Shelby3/20/2023Bid Tab
0150-0584Pleasant and Ursuline Streets Water Main and Ursuline Street ReconstructionCity of St. Clair Shores3/20/2023Bid Tab
0209-32222023 Paving and Landscaping Improvements-Various LocationsUtica Community Schools3/8/2023Bid Tab
0220-01912023 Watermain Replacement and W. Breitmeyer Place Road ReconstructionCity of Mount Clemens3/07/2023Bid Tab
0220-0176Splash Pad Site ImprovementsCity of Mount Clemens3/07/2023Bid Tab
0190-0486Cambridge Courts Pavement MaintenanceCity of Fraser3/02/2023Bid Tab
0190-0470Meadows - Mulvey Farms Joint RepairsCity of Fraser3/02/2023BidTab
Clawson Police Department RenovationsCity of Clawson3/01/2023BidTab

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