Aerial Street Repaved

Bid list

Project No.Project NameOwnerDate AvailableBid Tab
0208-0080SMDA Well Rehab ProgramSouth Macomb Disposal Authority5/4/2022
0100-05162022 Storm Sewer Open Cut RepairsCity of Roseville5/2/2022
0100-0515Glenhurst Street Pavement ReconstructionCity of Roseville5/2/2022
0132-143324 Mile Sidewalk-Shelby Road to Arthur Avenue (CDBG)Charter Township of Shelby4/28/2022
0150-05772022 Major Road Concrete Pavement Repair ProgramCity of St. Clair Shores4/25/2022BidTab
0150-05642022 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation by Full Length CIPP LiningCity of St. Clair Shores4/18/2022BidTab
0150-05632022 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and CCTV InvestigationCity of St. Clair Shores4/18/2022BidTab
0140-0097Lyons Circle W. Pavement ReconstructionCity of Warren4/13/2022
0172-00362022 Civic Center Parking Lot ImprovementsSpringfield Charter Township4/13/2022
0244-0025Combined Sewer SeparationCity of Ecorse3/30/2022BidTab
0140-0099Denton Drive Bridge RehabilitationCity of Warren3/20/2022BidTab
0244-00502022 Sidewalk Repair ProgramCity of Ecorse3/29/2022BidTab
0132-14572022 Sidewalk Maintenance ProgramCharter Township of Shelby3/28/2022BidTab
0150-05712022 Pavement Joint and Crack Sealing ProgramCity of St. Clair Shores3/22/2022Bid Tab
0100-05092022 Road ProgramCity of Roseville3/15/2022BidTab
0100-0498Michigan Street Pavement Reconstruction - CDBGCity of Roseville3/15/2022Bid Tab
0140-0105Beierman Avenue Reconstruction and Water Main ReplacementCity of Warren3/4/2022
0145-0637Memorial Park Basketball CourtCity of Eastpointe3/3/2022BidTab
0220-0187Cairns Community Center Parking Lot Repairs & ResurfacingCity of Mount Clemens3/2/2022BidTab
0220-0174Ice Arena Parking Lot Repairs & Sewer SeparationCity of Mount Clemens3/2/2022BidTab
0180-0263Johnston Park Basketball Court Resurfacing and Salter Park Basketball Court ReconstructionCity of Harper Woods2/25/2022BidTab
0244-0035Water Service Material Investigation Program (Rebid)City of Ecorse2/16/2022BidTab
0244-0010TEDF-B Roadway ImprovementsCity of Ecorse2/14/2022BidTab
0209-07212022 Paving and Landscaping Improvements - Various LocationsUtica Community Schools2/4/2022BidTab
0145-06482022-2023 Sidewalk Repair ProgramCity of Eastpointe2/01/2022BidTab
0145-0642Almond Avenue Reconstruction - Semrau Avenue to Stephens DriveCity of Eastpointe1/24/2022BidTab
0100-05122022 Tree Replacement ProgramCity of Roseville1/21/2022BidTab
0242-0034Harper Spillway Pump Station Reconstruction & Forcemain ReplacementCharter Township of Clinton1/19/2022Bid Tab
0170-0458Recreation Center Splash PadCity of Center Line1/18/2022BidTab
0244-00262022 Concrete Patching ProgramCity of Ecorse1/18/2022BidTab
0242-02512022 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and CCTV InvestigationCharter Township of Clinton1/17/2022BidTab
0186-0194North Riverside Sanitary Sewer RelocationCity of St. Clair1/14/2022BidTab
0242-02502022 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation by Full Length C.I.P.P. LiningCharter Township of Clinton1/10/2022BidTab
0145-06542022 Sewer Rehabilitation by Open Cut RepairsCity of Eastpointe1/10/2022BidTab
0145-06532022 Sewer Rehabilitation by Full Length C.I.P.P. LiningCity of Eastpointe1/10/2022BidTab
0145-06159 Mile Road 12" Water Main ReplacementCity of Eastpointe1/10/2022BidTab
0209-51222022 Paving Improvements Gibbing-AdminUtica Community Schools1/7/2022
0242-02532022 C.D.B.G. ADA Ramp Replacement ProgramCharter Township of Clinton1/5/2022BidTab

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