At AEW, we pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative interior environments for end users. Our design process includes asking appropriate questions to understand the client’s needs and wants, how they visualize the space, and how their needs may evolve over time. Our team is professionally trained and experienced in all aspects of the design process.

With a unique approach to spatial planning and furniture layouts, and our extensive resources for finish selections and lighting, we create a comfortable atmosphere for our clients with a customizable feel.

Whether it’s a full renovation of your existing space, a new build, or just a refresh, we can handle everything from concept to completion to create a visually pleasing and highly practical interior environment without compromising on design.

Shelby Township Library

This project has provided Shelby Township with its first stand-alone library. The state-of-the-art library is approximately 28,000 sq. ft. with several innovative features including glass that tints as the sunlight intensifies throughout the day and a 25-foot artificial tree in the children’s area.

Project Details