AEW has provided architectural services to municipalities and governmental entities since 1987, affording us a wealth of experience and making us exceptionally qualified for more than 50 different types of facilities. Our team works collaboratively with the client to support their vision, maintain schedule and budget, and provide positive long-term solutions for our clients and their communities.

Our architectural expertise includes courthouses, fire and police facilities, city and town halls, recreational and senior facilities, libraries, emergency operational centers, office buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, department of public works facilities, maintenance facilities, multi-family housing, and schools.

We recognize that every client and every project is unique. We appreciate that each project is personalized to the specific needs of that client and community. What sets us apart from our competitors is that, by listening, we recognize and combine our clients’ expertise in their own communities with our many years of knowledge and experience to create beautiful, efficient and long-lasting environments to meet the communities’ current and future needs.

The AEW Team considers both sustainability and the understanding of the built environment to be essential elements of good design. We are always striving to develop responsible solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. With extensive knowledge in both structural and architectural services, we create successful projects with environmentally responsible solutions that fit seamlessly within the community.

Shelby Township Library

This project has provided Shelby Township with its first stand-alone library. The state-of-the-art library is approximately 28,000 sq. ft. with several innovative features including glass that tints as the sunlight intensifies throughout the day and a 25-foot artificial tree in the children’s area.

Project Details