Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping integrates hardware, software, and data in one powerful tool that helps describe and analyze a site geographically. GIS assists users in visualizing, understanding and interpreting complex data and other factors that interact with a particular site.

GIS services include: Needs Assessment, Implementation Planning, GPS Control, Parcel Base Mapping, Site Modeling, Infrastructure Mapping, Database Design, Data Conversion, Customization, Maintenance and Training.

AEW designs and implements customized GIS projects, providing our clients with complete solutions that are unique to their needs. Our knowledgeable technical staff partners with leading industry consultants to maintain exacting GIS standards. This ensures that our clients receive a GIS model that can interface with other community agencies for seamless coordination and efficiency.

GIS Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Service Review

One of the functions of the GIS department is completing a LOMR for clients and municipalities. A LOMR, or Letter of Map Revision, is a commission to reevaluate the current floodplain extents with regards to flood insurance over an area. AEW’s GIS team works with the hydraulic engineering department at AEW to analyze the floodway and floodplain levels from the involved water ways and to note the afflicted homes.

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