Utica Road DDA Streetscape and Road Diet Trial (Roseville)

AEW worked with the City of Roseville to complete a traffic study on Utica Road between Gratiot Avenue and 12 Mile Road to determine the feasibility of a four-lane to three-lane conversion, also known as a road diet. This project was implemented as a first step to spur local redevelopment in the city’s newly established Downtown Development Authority (DDA). It required close coordination with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Macomb County Department of Roads (MCDR), as both agencies had traffic circulation concerns if capacity was reduced on Utica Road.

Several options were analyzed including near side/far side lane drops, on street parking, and bike lanes. The traffic modeling determined that Utica Road would operate at an acceptable level of service under the three-lane scenario, under current and future year traffic volumes, which included a full build-out scenario of multi-story, mixed-use development along the corridor. The City implemented the temporary restriping project to further analyze the resulting traffic conditions.