Career Transformations

Ashley Carpenter

Current Position: Project Manager

Hire Date: June 8, 2015, job shadowed spring of 2015

Hired as an intern? Yes, and I job shadowed before that

Other titles held: Intern, Graduate Engineer, Licensed Engineer/Project Engineer

Credentials: PE

What made you decide to join AEW?

I did a job shadow, enjoyed the experience, and was offered an internship before I entered college in the field I was going to study. It offered me a really early look at the field and confirmed my choice of major very early on for me.

Do you remember how you felt when you started at AEW?

I was extremely excited when offered the interning position, it was right near when I turned 18 and I was able to move on from my first job at McDonalds.

What were your career goals then compared to now?

My career goals were to pass my FE, PE and continue to move up position wise in the company and continue to gain knowledge and experience. My career goals included becoming a manager. My career goals now include gaining more management skills/experience & helping develop new graduates.

What advice would you give to college students focusing on Civil / Architecture / Survey?

Get an internship as soon as you can! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and step outside your comfort zone.

What do you consider the biggest accomplishment of your career to date?

I have a few. Passing my PE, gaining my license, becoming a Project Manager.