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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering has been the foundation of our business for the past 50 years, and we know how vitally important it is to the very fabric of life.

Civil Engineering, simply put, is the design and construction of the complex systems that help municipalities operate smoothly. It is maintaining and improving the infrastructure of our built environment, including roads, bridges, water mains, sanitary and storm sewers, which are the building blocks of strong communities.

Success in Civil Engineering requires a strong understanding of structures, materials, geology, hydrology, and the environment. Our professional and experienced staff rely on their expertise to help them design these projects with our all-important environment paramount in their minds.


Fraser; Sink hole; survey; AEW
Survey, Detroit, AEW
Fraser; drone; AEW; aerial
AEW, survey; Qline; Detroit;
Drone, UAV, Survey, AEW

Surveying is an integral part of our business. AEW conducts boundary surveys, topographical and architectural surveys, control for aerial mapping and land title surveys, construction staking, GIS inventory, and GPS control. We also prepare legal descriptions for properties, rights-of- way and easements.

AEW uses state-of- the-art methods and equipment, including drones, and highly-skilled personnel, with two FAA licensed drone pilots on staff, to assist with phase layout and staking for the significant number of construction projects we work with. Survey information, obtained with electronic total stations/data collectors, or global positioning system (GPS) receivers, is digitally transferred to the computers used by our design staff. Design information is then transferred from the computer system to the total station/data collectors to aid with construction layout in a highly skilled and technology-rich manner.


architecture, notre dame prep
architecture, notre dame prep
notre dame prep marist academy
Shelby Fire Station No. 5
Shelby Fire Station No. 5

AEW has a wealth of experience in architecture services for everything from complex buildings to smaller jobs, we’ve done them all. With more than 50 different types of facilities in our experience files, we can help to ensure the project meets the needs and expectations of our clients along with staying within budget constraints. We enjoy displaying our creativity with designs that provide an inspired understanding and expression of the building or structure functions for the end user and how well it complements the surrounding area.

Our AEW team considers both sustainable design and environmental awareness to be important elements of good design. Our architectural expertise includes Courthouses, Fire and Police Facilities, Office Buildings, Industrial and Commercial Buildings, Operational, Maintenance and Recreational facilities, Multi-family Housing, Schools and Restaurants.

Municipal Engineering

Fraser; sink hole; AEW; inspection
Construction; Inspection; Fraser; sinkhole; AEW
Survey; Inspection; Manhole; AEW

Municipal Engineering is another area of strength for the AEW team. Our engineering expertise helps to build strong communities, and we serve as the City or Township Engineer for a number of municipalities.

Our highly skilled professionals and technicians have a wealth of experience in many areas, including: Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Trenchless Technology, Utility Design and Master Planning, Highway Design, Hydrology and Hydraulics, Pedestrian Pathways, Parks and Recreation Planning, Development Reviews, Wastewater and Storm Water Management, Special Assessment Districts, Water Distribution Systems, Water Supply Design, and more.


The bikes are “green,” will enable our crews to maneuver more readily, and they’ll join our fleet of equipment that includes trucks, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones), and an ATV to better serve our clients with the on- and off-road equipment and technology necessary to get the job done efficiently and accurately.

GIS integrates hardware, software, and data in one powerful tool that helps describe and analyze a site geographically. GIS assists users in visualizing, understanding and interpreting complex data and other factors that interact with a particular site.

GIS services include: Needs Assessment, Implementation Planning, GPS Control, Parcel Base Mapping, Site Modeling, Infrastructure Mapping, Database Design, Data Conversion, Customization, Maintenance and Training.

AEW designs and implements customized GIS projects, providing our clients with complete solutions that are unique to their needs. Our knowledgeable technical staff partners with leading industry consultants to maintain exacting GIS standards. This ensures that our clients receive a GIS model that can interface with other community agencies for seamless coordination and efficiency.

Traffic Engineering

AEW performs traffic engineering services for both public and private clients on a variety of project types. Our team provides internal support to our municipal groups on transportation projects, or may provide stand-alone consultation services to municipalities and/or road agencies. AEW works with local municipal traffic safety departments to perform “as-needed” traffic studies to justify the placement or removal of traffic control devices, or to investigate citizen concerns or requests. AEW’s traffic group works with local planning departments to review site plans for traffic circulation issues, and review or prepare traffic impact statements to mitigate the traffic impacts of proposed developments. Regardless of client or project type, our traffic engineers provide practical and equitable solutions to traffic problems which consider the needs of all road users.

Structural Engineering

architecture, notre dame prep

AEW performs Structural Engineering for both public and private clients that encompasses a wide variety of projects. Our services are usually provided as an internal support function to other specialties within our firm, but also as a stand-alone consultant for external clients who only have a need for structural services.

We assist clients in addressing their structural needs while also working within budgetary limitations. Cost-effective solutions are desirable, and can be achieved with a variety of building materials that are most suitable for the project. We balance structural features with architectural finishes, ensuring the best results.

Our Structural Engineering Services include using our expertise and experience in these areas and more: Bridges, Industrial Facilities, Office Buildings, Operations and Maintenance Facilities, Schools, and Structural Investigations.

Water Resources

Ember Oaks
Clinton River Watershed

AEW is a leader in the field of Water Resources, specializing in Hydraulic and Hydrologic Studies, Drinking Water Supply and Treatment, Wastewater Collection and Treatment, Watershed Management and Storm Water Drainage. Other Water Resources Services include CSO and SSO Control, Inflow and Infiltration Studies, Detention Ponds, Storm Water Best Management Practices, Low Impact and No Adverse Impact Design.

Our goal is sustainable use of our precious water-related resources. We think population growth, and the commercial and retail that accompanies this growth, should be in harmony with conservation and environmental protection. We assist in ensuring the availability and quality of public water supplies and the proper handling of wastewater in both natural and man-made systems.

Land Development Services & Design

Private development projects including subdivisions, apartment and condo complexes, mobile home communities, parks, recreational facilities, and industrial and commercial developments are all within the expansive “wheelhouse” of our skilled and dedicated AEW team.

Our very talented team participates in the design and engineering of hundreds of residential subdivision lots and condominium units annually. We generate the design and specifications with efficiency, accuracy, and a healthy dose of creativity and thoughtfulness, while working within the time constraints and budgeted amounts for these very important projects.

Construction Administration

Clinton River Trail, AEW

AEW has highly skilled administrators and staff, some with 40 years of experience, dedicated to providing our valued clients with Construction Administration Services. Our administrators work with observation staff to verify contract procedures as projects progress. These services typically include preparation of Bid Tabulations, Contract Documents, Pay Estimates, Change Orders, Final Estimates and Close-out Documents.

We also participate in Preconstruction Meetings, Scheduling of Construction Stake-out, Shop Drawing Review, Project Review, Record “As-built” Drawings, Storm Water Management, and Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control.

Our Construction Engineering Team ensures accurate and thorough record keeping of projects from bid opening through project closeout.

About AEW

Founded in 1968, Anderson, Eckstein & Westrick (AEW) is a leading design firm providing civil engineering, architecture, geographic information systems (GIS), consulting and surveying services to municipal, institutional and private clients. We are committed to the enduring strength of our communities through innovation, value and engineering excellence. Learn more