AEW Hosts “Holiday Nights” for Employees, Family & Friends at Dearborn’s Greenfield Village

Posted on January 14, 2021

On a cold, clear December evening, more than 200 AEW employees, families, and friends gathered together to celebrate the Christmas season at the “Holiday Nights” presentation presented by Greenfield Village.

The very special evening was organized by AEW’s Employee Activities Committee (EAC), with the firm underwriting the purchase of the tickets for attendees. 

We “Stepped into the holiday spirit as Greenfield Village bustled with yuletide cheer. Sleigh bells, fresh greens, handcrafted goods, food, and warm beverages enchant you at one of the nation’s most beloved annual traditions.”

There were carolers, horse-drawn carriage and Model T rides, a carousel, food and beverages were available, and a number of the shops were open for those wishing to purchase a gift or souvenir. A number of the Village’s workshops had artisans demonstrating the various crafts and creations, but they weren’t open to visitors. Fresh-cut Christmas trees and greens were also available at streetside vendors.

Face masks and social distancing were required, due to the ongoing COVID-related concerns we’re experiencing at this time. The masks, coupled with winter clothing, and somewhat muted lighting, made it a little difficult to recognize our co-workers, but it was truly a wonderful evening, with Nature providing great weather for the outdoor event.